I am currently working on a memoir titled “Radical Endurance: A Pandemic Memoir from the Edge of Old Age.” Here is a short synopsis:

It came out of nowhere. One fragrant May morning two months before my seventy-fifth birthday, as I was mindlessly sipping my coffee, I experienced a shattering leap of consciousness, literally hurtling from older to old in the blink of a suddenly widened eye. Beginning on that precipice, “Radical Endurance” traces my first year of old age, including the shock of abrupt hopelessness, being perceived as elderly, and feeling vanquished into invisibility by ageism. I share my dread, loneliness, and chronic grief as I, along with the rest of the human community, endure the inaugural pandemic year of 2020, and I bare my heartbreak as I come to terms with a past that is longer than I am now capable of recalling. Quickly, I see that old age means no more second chances, so I also recount my inept attempts at speculation, bargaining, and rationalization as I confront a future whose duration and compensations can no longer be assumed.

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